Why the Double Strollers are Excellent for You

Why the Double Strollers are Excellent for You

Which stroller to choose? A compact baby journey blog, practical and manoeuvrable stroller? with carrycot? for an urban environment? Or rather all terrain and fully equipped for the countryside? Baby 9 helps you choose the perfect stroller.

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Chassis: 3 Or 4 Wheels?

Have you ever wondered why there are 3- or 4-wheel strollers? To put it simply, the 3-wheel stroller is rather all-terrain and rural while the 4-wheel stroller, more compact, is more suited to urban life.

Thus, the 3-wheel stroller is particularly manoeuvrable and goes everywhere. It moves forward and weaves its way more easily over rough terrain. With 4 wheels, baby gains in stability and comfort. More compact than an all-terrain double stroller, the 4-wheel stroller is perfect for the city.

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Duo Or Trio: What To Choose?

Stroller manufacturers have designed packs to suit all needs and their evolution. The duo or trio packs combine several types of seats, adapted to the different uses and ages of baby.

Trio strollers

Trio Stroller: Complete And Upgradeable Until The Age Of 3

The trio stroller includes 3 elements that can be fixed to the frame, each corresponding to an age and a position for the baby:

  • a basket
  • a shell
  • a hammock

From birth and up to about 6 months, the trio stroller can be used as a pram stroller thanks to the carrycot. Baby is then in a lying position.

“The pod is not essential. But it is very practical for transporting baby without waking him up, being able to dine outside or even serve as a cradle when baby is born and keep him close to you at night. »Fabien, baby expert 9

During its first 12 months, the stroller can be used with the shell. Baby is then in a semi-lying position. The shell can also be used as a car seat for taking baby in the car. Finally, from around 6 months depending on his growth, baby is able to enjoy panoramic visibility in a hammock stroller version, which offers him a sitting position. The hammock stroller can be used up to about 3 years.

Duo Stroller: More Economical And Practical

The duo stroller is made up of two essential elements:

  • a shell
  • a hammock

The duo stroller can be used with the car seat (the shell) from birth up to 12 months. With the shell, baby is in a semi-lying position. Then, he adopts the sitting position in the hammock from 6 months old and until he is 3 years old.

Note that from 6 months to 4 years old, you can opt for a cane or 2nd age stroller. Even more compact and practical, the cane stroller is easily foldable and transportable when your child prefers to walk.

Close Together, Twins, Triplets … Multiple Choice Solutions

For parents of toddlers, twins or multiples, double or triple strollers are available in side-by-side, in-line or combined versions. These multiple strollers are also available as a duo, with shells to transport babies in the car.

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