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Candidate Experience 2011

Candidate Experience 2011

As a founding member of The Talent Board, I am very pleased to announce the release of Candidate Experience 2011, the research report based on the 2011 Candidate Experience Awards process.

If you have been reading the business journals lately you may have noticed the plight of the job seeker is becoming a hot topic. Why is it in this day and age, with all of the technology at our disposal we can still make applying for jobs like "throwing paper airplanes into the galaxy?" 

Even the Wall Street Journal is getting in on the act with this piece on Your Resume vs. Oblivion, an article exploring the pros and cons of "using robots to find humans."

At the end of the day, the job seeker has been one of the most underserved customer populations in the history of business. Probably because they are not always viewed as customers. Since at the end of the process it is the employer who pays the wages, we sometimes get lazy and assume that if they want the job, they will endure anything.

But let's not beat ourselves up too much. There has been a concerted effort in the last 5 or more years by companies trying to address this issue and eradicate the "black hole" that seems to swallow resumes by the truck load.

This is why we formed The Talent Board and launched The Candidate Experience Awards. To provide a process for organizations to benchmark themselves against best practices, and to create a platform to recognize those companies who exceed our expectations.

For an inaugural year, the 2011 CandE's was a huge success with nearly 60 companies participating, over 11,000 candidates completing detailed surveys, the amount of data we collected is phenomenal. The research report is a testament to this (download here). It includes a sampling of questions from the survey, aggregate views of the data with some key insights, as well as excerpts of best practices from some of our award winners. 

One question I often get is "what technologies are being used by the award winners?" It is a natural assumption to think that it may be the technology that gives them the edge. But if you look at the 5 companies who won the award with distinction, they each use a different platform. There might be some commonality in the extended tool set, but the real difference is in how they applied the technology.

In the coming months as we gear up and launch the 2012 award process, @InsideTMT we will be publishing some profiles of our award winners from a technology perspective. Yes - we will name the specific products they use, but more importantly how they use them.

We are currently signing up sponsors for the 2012 awards, if you would like more information about sponsorship packages please contact us here.

If you are interested in applying for The 2012 Candidate Experience Awards, the survey opens on May 1, 2012 and is open to all North American and British recruiting operations. Participation is confidential and free. The winners of the CandE Awards 2012 will be announced at Human Resource Executive's 15th Annual HR Technology Conference & Exposition held October 8 - 10, 2012 in Chicago, Ill.



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