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Talent Communities are a Big Farce!

Talent Communities are a Big Farce!

Talent Communities are all the rage. It seems you can't visit a corporate careers site without getting invited to join one. But there is still quite a bit of debate as to what a talent community really is, who does it benefit, and do they really ever work. Over the course of the last several weeks I have been working on some research that led me to this conclusion.

Talent Communities are a total farce! Here's why:

During my research I decided to accept a few invitations and joined some talent communities. I entered basic information, my email, name address, title, and phone number. A few asked my level of interest and some even let me pick the kinds of jobs you might be interested in. After submitting, it struck me right between the eyes.

There is no community! This is all a ruse to capture my contact information so that I can be spammed with emails about new job postings. This is not something new, it has been around since 1999 - we called it Job Agents.  

What's worse? Many companies place the Talent Community sign up step in front of the Apply process. Which means after you hit apply and submit your basic information, you get prompted to apply again, only this time in the ATS. Are you kidding me?

The thinking is that the ATS experience is so bad, jobseekers give up, drop out and we lose a lot of candidates. So if we capture their basic contact information before exposing them to such a horrid process, we can then spam them and beg them to come back to finish. Perhaps we should fix the crappy process in the first place.

Can you say self fulfilling prophecy

Next time I join a community, I will be sure to ask for the membership benefits up front. 

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Ed Newman

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